About Ana Maria

“Within the loss and heartache lies a gift, ready to catapult us into our spiritual growth and transformation.”

~Ana Maria R. Mena Alcala

I was born in Italy and grew up in Peru. When I was about three years old, I remember sitting on my bed and talking to a lady who came to visit me every night. She was beautiful. I remember her glow and the feeling of being safe and loved. I was not afraid. She felt familiar to me, so it was natural to talk and share, but we were Catholic. When I told my mom about our visits, she became nervous. I felt as though she wanted to have me exorcised, and I was never allowed to speak of such things again.

Not wanting to be thought crazy, I ignored the encounters with the beautiful lady and never spoke of them for many years. I forced myself, instead, to focus on what was considered normal, and on being accepted. After graduating from the University in Lima and getting my MBA, I moved to the United States, became a paralegal, and eventually got married. My life seemed to be on a good, solid path, but I was about to experience events that would bring a profound change.

In late 2007, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and my mom and I became his caregivers. Two months later, my mom died unexpectedly. I felt my heart—and my soul—had broken in half. A part of me died, and my world fell apart. The only thing I remember about the following year is that I barely spoke or left my house. I took care of my dad until he died in early 2013. The collateral damage of heartache and loss took its toll on my marriage, which fell apart shortly after my dad’s passing. Throughout those painful years, my connection with Spirit lie dormant and unseen.

In my late forties, a friend asked me to go with her to the cemetery to visit her deceased parents. As we stood at the grave site, they appeared before me, as if they were alive, and though I had never met them, I described them to my friend exactly as she knew them to be. Later that week, she asked me to come with her to see a medium in California and translate for her.

Before her session started, the medium looked at me and shared with me that my friend’s parents wanted to thank me for helping bring peace to their daughter. The medium knew nothing about my friend or our visit to the cemetery. That was when I knew, finally and with certainty, that I was not crazy after all, that my many years of seeing and communicating with the departed spirits were real.

With that experience, grew in me the knowing that I could no longer ignore my calling. I was meant to use my gifts, not ignore them. It was a powerful realization that not only brought my connection with Spirit to life, but inspired me to take a leap of faith. I left my secure job in the corporate world—and much of my mainstream lifestyle—behind, to pursue the path of my inner gifts.

I am a medium, an animal communicator, a spiritual coach, and a Karuna and Reiki Master, fluent in Italian, Spanish, and English, and just as savvy at communicating via computer, teaching, and seminars, as with departed loved ones, Spirit, and pets.


Empathic, organized, creative, and punctual, I am a teacher of teachers, students, and individuals alike. I serve anyone wishing to heal themselves and others through pain, loss, and uncertainty. My work fills my heart. My work heals me. When my clients heal, I heal. I am here to serve through compassion, provide guidance and connection, and bring peace and comfort. I cannot not do what I do. I have no choice, nor would I choose another. All my losses have led me to this, my purpose. It’s not just what I do; it’s who I am.